Melodee Currier lives in Dublin, Ohio with her husband and two Siamese cats.  She left corporate America in 2008 where she was an intellectual property paralegal.  Since then she has devoted her time to writing and has had numerous articles published on a wide variety of topics. 

About Me

I have created this website so editors, friends and family can read my published articles.

Thank you for visiting and supporting me in my writing adventures!!!

I began writing poetry shortly after graduating from high school and wrote off and on for the next several years.  My first glimpse that I had writing talent came during a business seminar when I was in my 20's.  We were asked to write on a specific topic regarding the workplace.  The leader chose my essay to read to the group and said it was the best they had ever seen.

Over the years, I have taken many writing classes, but didn't start to write seriously until I left corporate America in 2008.  I started writing paralegal articles and then branched out to a variety of personal essays on a wide variety of subjects. 

The world of writing is an exciting adventure for me.  What will I write about today?